a progressive primary and middle school in Bennington, VT

The Film- Conversations with Jessica Howard

Principal and founder Jessica Howard has been a teacher for more than four decades. After graduating from Bennington College, she went on to graduate studies at Bank Street College. She taught at the Prospect School from 1965-1991, where she was Coordinator of Curriculum, and was responsible for staff development and supervision of classroom practice. She is regularly asked to speak at seminars and conferences for adults and other teaching professionals, and has served as consultant to several university projects. Jessica is an enthusiastic gardener and is keenly interested in the teaching of math, science and literature.

The following film by Meg Cottam, is 50 minutes long and is the culmination of many hours of speaking with Jessica about how progressive education “works”.


Conversations with Jessica Howard of the Hiland Hall School from Gregory Connors on Vimeo.