a progressive primary and middle school in Bennington, VT

Resources about Progressive Education

The Prospect Archives and Center for Education and Research– is a wide-ranging network of people interested in schools, learning, and works. We are committed to observation and description as the ground for teaching and inquiry. Prospect began as a school for children in 1965 and continued until 1991. Prospect’s philosophy and descriptive processes were created at the school and continue to be used in schools and inquiry groups across the country. Attention to student work was central to the school and philosophy and in 2005, Prospect’s Archives, comprising longitudinal collections of the art, writing, and other works by individual children, totaling about 300,000 pieces, were donated to the University of Vermont Special Collections. Portions have been published as The Reference Edition of the Prospect Archives. The Archives have informed Prospect’s view of children’s growth over time.

The Bank Street School – An internationally-recognized leader in early childhood education, a pioneer in improving the quality of classroom education and teacher preparation, and a national advocate for children and families.

The University of Vermont- An Article-“A Brief Overview of Progressive Education”

Videos on TED

Ken Robinson says Schools Kill Creativity

Stuart Brown says Play is More Than Fun

Ken Robinson: Bring on The Revolution

Some Suggested Reading:

“Dumbing Us Down, The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling” by John Taylor Gatto

“Starting Strong, A Different Look at Children, School and Standards” by Patricia F. Carini

“From Another Angle, Children’s Strengths and School Standards” edited by Margaret Himley and Patricia F. Carini