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The Greening of Hiland Hall

(photo taken at a recent “winterizing” work day)

At the core of this program is an educational component for The Hiland Hall students with regards to a green energy approach. An energy consultant from the local community will be volunteering educational services with the students, and the students will participate in a hands-on manner. Items to be addressed will include the schools current energy consumption, and how this can be reduced through conservation efforts (insulation, etc), as well as by utilizing more efficient current technologies (high efficiency oil furnace, etc). From a more global perspective, the students will look at energy consumption within the United States, energy consumption around the world, the world’s available energy resources, and finally the impact of current energy use on the world environment. Current energy policy, energy related issues, and problem solving will be part of the core of this program.

The intent of the educational component is to provide these children with knowledge, resources, and problem solving abilities that they can then utilize throughout their lives. While the capital investment underway will help to reduce energy consumption within our school, the greater impact may be the choices and changes that these children create throughout their lives with regards to a green energy approach. Educating our children in this regard is a key component towards changing the culture of how our world energy resources are consumed. Our intent is that your investment into this program will have a positive impact on energy use well beyond the walls of The Hiland Hall School.