a progressive primary and middle school in Bennington, VT

About The Hiland Hall School

Would your child benefit from a warm, caring learning environment?

Would your child’s academic needs be better addressed in a small class with a low pupil/teacher ratio?

Consider The Hiland Hall School

The Hiland Hall School is a Vermont Board of Education approved independent school, where students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace in their own style.  Enrollment is about 35 students from the tri-state area, ages 5-14.

We welcome families and students who support and can benefit from a progressive approach to education.  The Hiland Hall School is a non-profit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, sex or ethnic origin.

Who We Are

We are a small community of parents, children and teachers who are concerned about the quality of education which our children receive—and we are actively committed to providing them with the best school experience that we possibly can.

There is much to know, and we welcome your questions and comments.  Most families choose to spend some time in the school, observing and gaining an understanding of how our philosophy translates into a daily routine.

Where We Are

The Hiland Hall School is located at 2196 Harwood Hill Road in Bennington, Vermont, near the Shaftsbury-Bennington town line.

You may reach the school from Bennington by traveling north on Route 7A; the school will be on your left, just past Overlea Road.

Our Families

Hiland Hall School joins with families in the education of their children because the family, with its hopes, values and ways, is the major context of a child’s life.  Hiland Hall School values and actively seeks out the knowledge parents have of their children.

Parents are welcome in our school at any time.  Hiland Hall School parents have instructed the students in many different specialties, including French, Creative Movement, Music and Physics.  They have assisted with field trips and classroom projects, and run programs to help students with transition to other schools upon graduation.  The teaching staff can provide help in focusing and integrating parents’ volunteer time with the larger curriculum.

Participation of parents is central to the success of school committees, work days and fundraising events.  Hiland Hall School parents talk to each other and work together to further improve their school, and the experience of their children.  Parents are excited about broadening choice in American education and see their involvement here as a model for other communities; we are linked to others all over the world who are taking an involved and pro-active approach to their children’s educations.

Families are expected to join in and make a commitment of some volunteer effort towards building the school that they want to have. The “Family Group” meets several times a year to raise and discuss issues which affect the group as a whole, discuss and plan events and activities, and hear from the teaching staff about the progress of their program of classroom activities.